Mum sets record straight after boy's angry photo goes viral

A mother has been left fuming after her son’s adorable kindergarten photos went viral for his angry expression.

Tantarnea Arnold, from Georgia, US, has warned scammers were now trying to make money from the snaps and some were even claiming her son, Kari, as their own child.

Kari hilariously posed with a grumpy face for his school pictures in 2017, prompting his aunt to share them online, US news site ABC13 reported.

Yet as they began to garner considerable traction online, Ms Arnold said her son’s images started to circulate as memes and other posts from people claiming Kari was their child.

Kari’s hilarious school pictures went viral. Source: LaShunta Arnold/Facebook

While saying she found a lot of the posts “hilarious”, Ms Arnold took to Facebook on Monday to set the record straight and warn of online scams asking for money via pages such as GoFundMe.

“If you happen to see a post where someone is claiming him as their child, that is not funny,” she wrote.

“I don’t care if it is just a joke. Don’t be out here trying to use our son for likes or money.

“That’s lame and so disrespectful.”

She shared one post she’d come across and rubbished the claims her son was angry over a stolen breakfast snack.

“Y’all pray for my son, nothing wrong with him but I ate his Pop Tart before his class picture and he said he never smiling again,” the fake post read, with links to a GoFundMe page.

The post had over 200,000 shares.

She asked anyone who spotted an account using the pictures in a deceptive manner to report it and let her family know.

Another student in the US went viral earlier this year when his choice of t-shirt in a school photo shoot led to a series of hilarious images being created.