Mum sent vile death threats over controversial family photos

A mother of three and avid hunter claims she has received death threats from strangers online for posting images of her family partaking in one of their favourite pastimes. 

Lucy Jaine, from Wanaka in New Zealand, said she began hunting when she met her partner Sharn.

Now a family of five, the couple take their children – Indie, 7, Kahu, 4, and five-month-old Daisy – into the mountains eight times a month.

Lucy Jaine, from Wanaka in New Zealand, said she began hunting when she met her partner Sharn. Source: Instagram

The 29-year-old often posts images of their adventures to Instagram, but says she has recently been the target of threatening comments.

“Hope the animals you hunt turn on you,” a comment on one of her Instagram posts said.

“I’m sure there are millions of people who would destroy you the same way,” another said. 

Despite their sinister nature, Ms Jaine told the New Zealand Herald she has no ill feelings towards the commenters.

"I don't really wish for people to understand. Their ignorance is not my burden to bear," she says.

The woman goes hunting with her children about eight times a month. Source: Instagram

Ms Jaine said she is against factory-farming and believes it is more sustainable for her family to catch their own meat.

"Factory farms are large-scale operations that house thousands of animals raised just for eating. They are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to prevent disease and maximise their growth and food output. Then you eat them," she says.

The 29-year-old claimed her children enjoyed coming along on trips and love the outdoors.

"They gain an understanding that the animal has had a good life and we honour the animal by utilising it to feed us," she told the New Zealand Herald.

"We explain the process and they ask questions. It's better for Mother Nature and it's better for our tummies," she adds.

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