Mum searching for kind person who helped son buy her Christmas present

A family is searching for a kind stranger who helped her son buy her a coat for Christmas.

Gabe Wattley, 11, of Indianapolis, had about A$28 and was looking for a gift for his mum LaDonna at Target, Fox 59 reports.

He knew his mum needed a coat. Ms Wattley had been wearing a “shredded up” coat for the past two years.

Gabe Wattley, 11, wanted to buy a coat for his mum for Christmas when a stranger offered to help him purchase one from Target. Source: Fox 59/ LaDonna Wattley

A woman approached Gabe and paid the balance to buy his mum a $113 coat for Christmas.

“In my head I was like, ‘is this woman serious?’” Gabe said.

She also offered to buy gloves and a hat for Gabe’s mum too but he didn’t want to take any more of her money.

Ms Wattley opened the gift on Christmas morning and was moved to tears. She didn’t know Gabe had noticed the bad condition her coat was in.

“That woman [who bought the coat] renewed my spirit in the good in people,” Ms Wattley said.

The family are now hoping to find the woman to thank her.

Ms Wattley opens her gift. Source: Fox 59/ LaDonna Wattley
The mum wants to find the woman who helped her son to thank her. Source: Fox 59/ LaDonna Wattley

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