Child hangs from garage door during mum's brief moment of distraction

A multi-tasking mum juggling an infant, a child and a dog has had the shock of her life after finding her little girl dangling from a garage door following a brief moment of distraction.

Texas mum Erica Dilley shared CCTV of herself wrangling her kids and her dog last week on YouTube.

Ms Dilley opens the garage door with her little girl in tow and then turns her attention back to the dog and the pram.

But what she doesn’t notice is her little girl has grabbed the door, which has started opening.

Erica Dilley opens the garage door while her daughter clings on. The mum checks on her other child and the dog. Source: YouTube/ Erica Dilley

As it rises, it pulls the toddler off the ground – all the while Ms Dilley is completely unaware.

It’s not until Ms Dilley has her baby out of the stroller and in her arms that she notices her daughter hanging about two metres from the ground.

She quickly rushes over and pulls her down.

The YouTube video has more than 250,000 views with many sympathising with the mother.

“She seems like a good mother just under a lot of stress,” one man wrote.

The mum removes the baby from the pram while her little girl hangs nearly two metres from the ground. Source: YouTube/ Erica Dilley

He added babies and toddlers need an almost “inhumane” amount of attention.

Others marvelled at how the toddler managed to cling on.

“Get that girl into gymnastics, stat,” another man wrote.

The mum told Inside Edition her mouth was in her throat as she saw her daughter clinging from the daughter.

“It could have ended very differently,” Ms Dilley said.

However she joked that while she’s afraid of heights, her daughter doesn’t seem to be.