Mum praises store for helping son after his tools were stolen

A local community’s kindness and generosity “brought tears” to a mother’s eyes, and ensured “the bad guys” didn’t win.

On August 14, a mother posted to a Noosa community Facebook group explaining her son’s work tools were stolen from his unit’s verandah.

“Being young, he didn’t have house insurance,” the mother said on Facebook, explaining her son was a third year apprentice.

“Has anyone got a drill and tools laying around they they would like to sell?” she asked.

The woman explained her son was a hard working 20-year-old and she was hoping to try and help him replace some of the tools that were stolen.

A young apprentice had the whole community rally around him after his tools were stolen. Source: Facebook

“This is a huge set back for him. I just wish people wouldn’t take things that don’t belong to them.”

Several people offered to help out the mother, some suggested searching on Facebook Marketplace, while other people offered up their old tools.

Fast forward to the next day and the mother took to the same Facebook group, to thank the community.

She particularly wanted to thank the owners of Total Tools in Noosa, after they gifted her son a $1,000 voucher for him to spend in store on tools for work.

“Honestly everyone’s offers and kind words just brought tears to my eyes,” she said.

“Our Sunshine Coast community really cares and as someone said to me today when he wanted to give me tools without taking money from me, he said we are not letting the bad guys win.”

In true community spirit, the post was inundated with support and messages saying how happy they were that the third-year-apprentice got the tools he needed.

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