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Mum praises Aldi employee who helped her with autistic toddler

A Sydney mother has praised an Aldi cashier who was more than happy to help her out when she was struggling with her three-year-old son at the checkout.

The mother said in a Facebook group she was doing a shop at Aldi with her autistic son by herself, explaining usually her mother helps but she was interstate visiting family.

“My kiddo was doing really well, but (obviously) getting a bit to the end of his rope by the time we got to the checkout,” the mother wrote.

A mother has praised an Aldi cashier for helping her with her autistic son. Source: Getty

She went on to say the cashier was “lovely” as he noticed her struggling with her son.

“He could see I was juggling my son, encouraging him, ‘just stand right there buddy, we are almost finished’,” she said.

The three-year-old boy decided to take off while at the checkout, forcing his mother to stop packing her bags and chase after him.

Instead of scanning items in her absence, the Aldi worker stopped and waited for her to return before he continued scanning.

“When I apologised he said, ‘that’s ok, I will pause as much as you need’, and the customer behind me was also really lovely and smiled at my son and I,” the mother continues in her post.

“None of them even aware of my son’s challenges and how hard we were both working to get through the shop, they were all just being kind and patient to a complete stranger and it made our experience SO much easier and more relaxed than it potentially could have been.

“Be kind peeps.”

In the comments of the Facebook post, people praised the cashiers actions, for showing kindness and patience. Source: Getty
People praised the cashier for showing kindness and patience. Source: Getty

Many of the comments were praising the patience and kindness of the cashier for helping out the mother.

One woman, who said she also has an autistic child, said she sometimes avoided a shop with her child, as it is very challenging. She added she was glad this mother had a positive experience.

The mother who shared the post said she too often avoids shopping with her three-year-old, unless he’s having a good day or if she only needs a few items.

However she added she was proud of her boy for this trip, saying he was “good overall”.

“The world needs more kindness,” another person commented, adding it was a wonderful post to read first thing in the morning.

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