Mum praised for Kmart 'hack' using unusual item: 'Fantastic idea'

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A mum has been applauded for her ‘smart’ Kmart hack, after sharing a nifty way to cover her unused bathtub.

Posting on a popular Facebook group, she explained how she used two shoe racks to turn her bathtub into a stylish display area.

L: Kmart shoe rack with four pairs of shoes on it against a plain background. R: A photo of a bathroom showing two shoe racks in the bath covered by cushions and decor
The savvy shopper turned a shoe rack into a gorgeous bath cover. Photo: Kmart & Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

“So I went to Kmart, got two shoe racks and covered the bath as I don’t use it. Cost $32 each, love it,” Allison Hayes wrote.

Her hack doesn’t take much time at all, in fact, all it involves is popping the shoe rack panels on top of the bath and covering them with decor.

Many mums added that they use their covered baths to display plants, and that it has an added bonus of extra storage underneath.


Allison did warn the group members that the shoe racks aren’t made to take much weight at all, so people shouldn't stand or sit on top of them.

The post was flooded with hundreds of comments, and has gained over 2,300 reactions so far.

Photo of a bathroom showing two Kmart shoe racks sitting inside a bathtub
A fellow mum went straight to Kmart to replicate the hack. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

Mums praised Allison for her ‘fantastic idea’, with many saying they had been looking for something to cover their bath with no luck.

“Saw your post and drove straight to Kmart to get them. We never use our bathtub as it’s too small so thanks for the inspo!!! I love it! Excited to set it up properly,” one mum gushed.

“OMG! I have been looking for 700mm shelves for so long. I am so doing this tomorrow. Thanks for the tip,” another added.

“What a great idea covering the bath. Can you put a mattress on it and use as a spare bed…for that friend who drinks too much to drive?” a third person joked.

L: A photo of a bath covered in plywood and decor on top. R: A bathtub covered by two bathmats as well as storage next to it
Other group members shared their own bath covering hacks. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Home Decor & Hacks

Others also chimed in with alternative ways to cover a bathtub, especially if you don’t want to get the dust coming through the shoe rack slats.

“Same, but [I used] leftover vinyl flooring from Bunnings,” one mum wrote.

“Great idea. I used plywood and covered it with velvet and I put all my perfume and makeup on it, as we don’t use ours either,” another added.

“I did something similar but added a shelf as I have a small house, and this is added storage. Marine ply over bath covered with matching bath mats,” a third chimed in.

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