Mum goes rogue after bottle of wine during first night home alone in a decade

Brooke Rolfe
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A mum who had the house to herself for the first time in 10 years made some questionable decisions over the weekend after indulging in some wine.

After her husband and daughters, aged three and six, left her by herself at their Canberra home for the weekend, she made the bold choice to revamp the stairs after drinking half a bottle of red.

Taking to a community group on Facebook, she shared photos of her handy work, asking for reassurance given she was pretty certain her husband was not going to approve when he got home.

She jokingly told members of the group that if they didn’t hear from her after Sunday, she would be “buried in the backyard”.

Photo shows kitchen bench covered in work tools and a set of stairs before being painted.
The woman's kitchen bench transformed into a messy work station while she painted the stairs. Source: Facebook

In a series of comical updates to her post, she confessed she was a little too intoxicated to remember to photograph the four sets of stairs before taking to them with a paintbrush.

As comments to her post flooded in, she asked that someone “send wine” before attempting to answer several people’s question about whether she sanded the stairs beforehand or not.

“I definitely sanded them. Errr... I think I definitely sanded them.... um... I definitely plugged the sander in and it looks like it was used,” she wrote in one hilarious update.

More than 1000 people left comments expressing their admiration for the woman’s paint job, with many attempting to assure her that her husband would like it too.

Photo shows set of stairs after being painted black by a tipsy mum.
The finished product received the approval of thousands online, and most importantly, the woman's husband. Source: Facebook

“They look much better and he should be happy/grateful that you didn’t ask him to do it and you’ve saved him work,” one person wrote.

“Just proves that red wine and painting goes hand in hand. Amazing job,” another said.

“That's a really neat drunken paint job. Maybe that's where I go wrong. I try to paint while sober,” a third wrote.

As it turned out, the mum had nothing to be worried about, later updating her post to say that her husband liked the stair’s facelift and she was “not a dead woman walking”.

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