Mum of boy murdered by babysitter is crushed by car

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The mum of a boy who was murdered by his babysitter is in intensive care after she was crushed by a car.

Amy King was crushed by a car on Sunday about 10am local time, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Dunedin Hospital told the paper she was flown in by helicopter and was being treated in the intensive care unit.

It’s not clear exactly what happened to Ms King but only one car was involved.

Residents of Otautau, where Ms King lives in New Zealand, are only too familiar with the horrible misfortune the school teacher has faced.

Hunter Macintosh pictured with his mother, Amy King.
Hunter was tragically killed in 2019. Source: Supplied

Ms King’s son Hunter MacIntosh, nine, was murdered by his babysitter Daniel Cameron in her home in October 2019, Stuff reported.

Cameron, who was 15 at the time, stabbed Hunter to death with a knife while their parents were at a local pub that night playing pool.

Ms King returned home to find her son dead and ran out of the house screaming.

The teen had babysat his victim about 10 times before and was a family friend.

"My reality is I barely function,” Ms King said on the day Cameron was sentenced.

“The feeling of loss is so strong I wonder how I can keep living.”

Cameron was sentenced to 11 years’ jail.

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