Mum at a loss why baby son died but grateful for 'amazing' medical team

A grieving mum has thanked hospital staff and paramedics for giving her family one last chance to say goodbye to their baby boy after he mysteriously died in Queensland.

Kathy Wockner and her husband Scott said their goodbyes to nine-month-old Lucas on Friday. The baby boy was found unresponsive in his cot the day before at his Toowoomba daycare. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Ms Wockner told Yahoo7 while the family are heartbroken over the loss of Lucas, and “there are no answers or reasons” for the death of the “healthy” boy, they want to focus on “the amazing efforts of emergency crews” who tried to save him. 

While Lucas was found unresponsive on Thursday, the team at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane managed to resuscitate him before he died on Friday giving the entire family one last chance to say goodbye.

The family of little boy Lucas Wockner have thanked paramedics for trying to save him and giving them one last chance to say goodbye. Source: Supplied

 “It was an absolutely amazing gift that will be cherished for so long,” Ms Wockner said.

“The team were amazing. At any given time, we had 18 members of the family in the hospital. They made us all feel welcome.”

She added on Facebook, that while “nothing more” could have been done for Lucas, he died surrounded by family, for which Ms Wockner is “so grateful for”. 

Ms Wockner told Yahoo7 Lucas was “bubbly, cheeky, loving and outgoing”. He had a special bond with his three-year-old sister Elouise.

Lucas with dad Scott, mum Kathy, father Scott and sister Elouise. Source: Supplied

“They always hugged and kissed each other, always wanted to be together and it was genuinely mutual,” the mum said.

Lucas was also “so strong, so loving”. Ms Wockner described the extended family throughout the state as “all very close”. Many of them have spent the past couple of days supporting Lucas’s mum and dad in Toowoomba.

Ms Wockner said she now wants to give back and raise awareness of the hard work of medical professionals.

“We don’t want pity and sympathy,” she said. 

“We don’t need financial support.”

The family want any money intended for flowers or bereavement gifts to instead go to the Queensland Ambulance Service, Toowoomba Base Hospital, Life Flight, Lady Cilento ICU and Ronald McDonald House via a GoFundMe page. 

“We can never truly repay them for the time we spent with our dearly loved boy and the opportunity to share more love, showering him with kisses, embracing him with cuddles and sharing our appreciation for the all the time he shared with us,” Ms Wockner wrote on Facebook. 

“Any contribution you can make to assist us in giving back to the amazing organisations who made it possible for us to spend some precious time with our special baby boy would be greatly appreciated.”

Lucas with his sister Elouise (left). His mum described the pair as very close. Source: Supplied