Mum kicked off flight after her asthmatic son struggles to wear mask

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An asthmatic toddler and his mum have reportedly been removed from a flight after he could not keep his mask on.

Amanda Pendarvis claims she and her son Waylon, 2, were removed from an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Colorado Springs on September 13.

In a video posted on Instagram, Waylon, seated on his mum’s lap, begins to cough and cry behind a face mask. 

Ms Pendarvis claims a flight attendant used the PA system to announce the flight was being delayed due to a “non-compliant traveller”.

The pair are next seen exiting the plane.

Amanda Pendarvis holds her son Waylon, 2, on a flight from Dallas to Colorado.
Amanda Pendarvis claims she and her son Waylon, 2, were kicked off a flight because he wouldn't keep his mask on. He's athmatic. Source: Instagram/ Amanda Pendarvis

The mum claims the flight was turned around and she was forced to depart with Waylon in tow.

“I was not refusing a mask. Nor did I even say I wouldn't try to keep a mask on my son,” she captioned one of the videos.

“We were escorted off the plane as I was holding a mask over his little face. I genuinely don’t have words.”

The mum also claims she showed crew Waylon had tested negative for coronavirus.

American Airlines told Fox Business in a statement a passenger failed to "comply with crew member instructions to remain seated while on an active taxiway and to wear face coverings securely over their nose and mouth”.

The airline also claims the crew were not told the toddler was having an asthma attack or breathing problems. They claim passengers were not informed about a failure to comply with mask-coverings.

American Airlines told Market Watch the family were booked on another flight with no extra fees and reiterated the child was not seated.

On Twitter, people criticised the move to have the child kicked from the flight.

“This breaks my heart,” one woman tweeted.

“Absolutely pathetic. Two year olds wouldn't keep their shoes and socks on. Understandably the baby doesn't want to wear a mask,” another woman tweeted.

Others suggested the rules need to be followed regardless.

“Alternatively, their policy is policy, and if they say a child over a specific age needs to wear a mask, then the child needs to wear a mask,” one man tweeted.

“I get it can be difficult to get the children to do things, but flying isn’t a right, it’s a privilege.”

Airlines across the globe have brought in strict rules throughout the pandemic.

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce last week said international flights are on the cards from around Christmas time but all passengers and staff looking to travel outside Australia will need to be fully vaccinated.

“Qantas will have a policy that internationally we’ll only be carrying vaccinated passengers,” Mr Joyce told business leaders at the Trans-Tasman Business Circle.

“Because we think that’s going to be one of the requirements to show that you’re flying safe and getting into those countries.”

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