Mum fumes over 'derogatory' detail on Medicare form

A new mum’s anger over a ‘dehumanising’ detail in a Medicare form has triggered an immediate response from the Australian Government, who have vowed to remove it from the paperwork.
Sall Grover, who runs a women’s social networking app called Giggle, made headlines this week when she spoke out about being asked to sign the form following the birth to her daughter at a Gold Coast hospital.
At the bottom of the paperwork, which would allow her daughter to be included on her Medicare card, it asked for the “birthing parent’s” signature.

Source: Channel 9 / Today

Video transcript

SALL GROVER: It doesn't take a genius to realize that the term birthing parent isn't inclusive of anyone, particularly women and mothers who don't want to be called birthing parents, adoptive mothers, stepmothers, gay men who are parents who have obviously not given birth. There's just an array of people who this doesn't include, and it's just sort of this dehumanizing, ridiculous language that we're being expected to accept.

- I think you should just tell us how you really feel about it.


- Go on.

SALL GROVER: I just think it's appalling, and it's offensive, and it's to please fringe activists.

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