Mum finds choking hazard in daughter's Aldi snack

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An Aldi customer was horrified when her six-year-old daughter pulled out a small plastic gem from a packet of chocolate biscuits mistaking it for a toy.

Tracy Nibbs purchased a box of Choc Teddy Tots from Aldi in Gatton, Queensland as a snack for her two young children and told Yahoo News Australia she was shocked when her daughter found the purple gem inside a bag of the biscuits.

“My daughter sat down after school and opened the bag and said with excitement ‘mum look, I got a jewel in my Tiny Teddy’s’” Ms Nibbs said.

“I jumped up straight away and said ‘don’t eat any of them oh my god, that’s not suppose to be in there,’” Ms Nibbs added.

Aldi Teddy Tots with a small plastic gem that was found in the packet.
The mother said her six-year-old found the small purple plastic toy inside a bag of chocolate biscuits from Aldi. Source: Facebook

The Aldi customer posted an image of the find on the Aldi Facebook page, placing a five cent coin next to the gem to show how easily it could have been missed and swallowed by a child.

“They are a choking hazard, I was just happy that my 6-year-old found it and not my 3-year-old because everything goes in his mouth,” the concerned mother said.

“It baffles me why them gems would be in a good packing facility,” Ms Nibbs said.

Aldi reached out to Ms Nibbs after being contacted by Yahoo News and said they were investigating how the hazard ended up in a packet of biscuits designed for young children.

“We are in conversations with the customer and can confirm this is an isolated incident,” an Aldi Australia spokesperson told Yahoo News.

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