Mum fights for life after collapsing at airport while on holiday with kids

The 30-year-old was 'dead for 45 minutes' after mysteriously collapsing.

A young mum on holiday with her family is in a coma fighting for her life after mysteriously collapsing from what she believed to be heatstroke.

Melissa Kinsella, 30, affectionately known as Missy, was on her way home with partner Jay Smith, and three young children when she suddenly suffered a seizure at the airport in Turkey last Monday, and her heart stopped beating.

The day before, the British hairdresser posted on Facebook about having "a bit of heatstroke" and feeling "like death," and that she would get back to her clients soon, not knowing what would come.

A selfie of Melissa Kinsella on the left. A photo of her in a hospital bed in Turkey on the right.
British mum Melissa Kinsella is in a coma after suffering a mysterious seizure in the airport on the way home from Turkey. Facebook/Liverpool Echo

Her best friend Rebecca Dath explained Ms Kinsella had been vomiting the day before and has "been in intensive care on life support in Turkey" after collapsing.

"Doctors don't know what has caused it, but she has swelling on the brain and swelling on her heart," she told local publication Liverpool Echo, also adding that she had no underlying medical conditions.

Ms Dath since created a GoFundMe to help with medical bills — with the mother's medical travel insurance having expired before the trip — as well as a medical charter that costs around $80,000 to get her airlifted to a UK hospital as soon as possible.

Left: A photo of Melissa with her partner Jay. Right: Another photo of her with her best friend Rebecca.
Melissa, also known as Missy, with her partner Jay and (right) with best friend Rebecca. Facebook

'Dead for 45 minutes, sodium on the brain'

"We have been quoted 32k plus a 12k hospital bill and we’re getting quotes for the ambulance to take her now, once she gets to the UK," Ms Dath said last Wednesday on Facebook. "She’s not getting any better there and we need her in a UK hospital now. I am begging anyone and everyone who is able to do so to transfer to her mum's bank."

Thankfully in that short time, $91,000 out of the $84,000 target was raised and Ms Kinsella will be transported on Wednesday. However on Saturday, her mother updated the GoFundMe saying its been "the hardest day of all".

"We found out Melissa was dead for 45min and is showing sodium on her brain which could be brain damage. They said her best chance of survival was to get her home now," she said. "We are not giving up and I know she will wake up and we will have a long recovery ahead but we will look after her, we thank everyone who has supported us in anyway.

"My daughter has the most amazing people in her life who we will never forget what they have done."

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