Mum delivers baby into arms of police

When father Eugene Uiliata was frantically driving his pregnant wife to the hospital, a thought went through his mind.

"I'm thinking man, like it would be crazy if she gives birth in the car," Mr Uiliata said.

"Like nah, it's not going to happen."

It did.

But Mr Uiliata was not alone that day in October.

Sydney police officer Tim Burnett was checking drivers' speeds in Ingleburn, southwest of the CBD, when Mr Uiliata's blue ute pulled up beside him.

"And then the driver got out of the car, came over shouting 'My wife's in labour'," Senior Constable Burnett said.

While the officer went about calling for an ambulance, baby Winter was in no mood to stall.

"Tim was standing there waiting for her to come out. She came out entirely. Tim was the one to catch her and deliver her," mother Sela Uiliata said.

"She was born on the side of the road."

Sen Const Burnett this week was reunited with the Uiliatas, gifting baby Winter a police teddy.

While the situation was no doubt stressful, being delivered by a police officer could perhaps be fitting for Winter.

"Hopefully some day in the future she can carry on my dream of being a police officer," Mrs Uiliata laughed.

Sen Const Burnett has decided to remain in the police force rather than changing careers to become an obstetrician.

"You can ask any police officer - there is no typical day," he said.