Mum charged over wild football brawl reveals what sparked it

A woman charged over a wild brawl that unfolded in front of children at a sports ground in Sydney’s south has revealed what sparked the fight.

Charges have been laid against the mother and the 62-year-old father of her ex-husband after a fight broke out at a field in Rockdale.

The mother-of-two, who has not been identified, said it was all because of a piece of sporting equipment.

“Look, it was over shin pads,” she said.

“I forgot my son’s shin pads.”

The mum charged over the brawl at a sports ground in Rockdale, in Sydney’s south, said it started because she had forgotten her son’s shin pads. Source: 7 News

The mother was filmed starting a fight on the sideline and said her reaction to punch was caused by fear.

“I was scared, I was terrified, they were all surrounding me, he’s screaming in my face,” she said.

“Ever since that has happened I am terrified to be alone.”

The mum added it was not lost on her that her kids had watched the video.

The mum said she was ‘terrified’ during the incident. Source: 7 News

“They’re shocked, they’re alarmed,” she said. 

“It’s humiliating, this whole thing is humiliating, I would never have wished it upon anyone.” 

The mum said she was also “deeply saddened” other people’s children had to witness the fight and it must have been “horrible for people there”.

The matter is before the courts but police say more charges may be laid.