Mum wows with 'amazing' mini-Target shop she made for daughter

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A mum’s epic Target playroom creation for her daughter has gone viral around the globe after she decided to do something different as a Christmas present this year.

Renèe Leann, from Wisconsin, shared photos of the DIY project on Facebook, which she created with the help of her sister Brigette Doby and friend Robert Mueller, that have since received thousands of comments and shares.

“Not in a million years did I think this would be that big of a deal,” Renèe tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“I definitely was excited about it and thought maybe a few likes, but not this.”

In her post Renèe explained her daughter Ariah’s favourite store in the US is Target, and many of Target stores have their own Starbucks as well.

target and starbucks playroom DIY
Ariah's new Target playroom has gone viral. Photo: Supplied/Renèe Leann
Renèe Leann target playroom
There is even a clearance rack. Photo: Supplied/Renèe Leann

Using a generic shopping centre as the base, Renèe also added Ariah’s cube storage unit and a bunch of small touches to bring the idea together.

“Robby added wood and cheap flooring to the storage unit and I painted the rest. I will say it is very nice to have a graphic designer as a sister because Brigette really helped a lot with this project,” she wrote.

Brigette designed the Starbucks menus, made all the logos, price tags, and sale signs.

target and starbucks playroom
The Target comes complete with a Starbucks cafe. Photo: Supplied/Renèe Leann

The end result is a gorgeous playroom complete with checkout, clearance shelf, a Starbucks counter and cafe table and chairs.

Comments flooded in with plenty of people wanting to try to create something themselves.

“That is one lucky little girl,” one person commented.

“Do this for us,” another person begged. “Amazing,” was a third comment.

“The best gifts have the most thought and effort. This will be one she will remember forever!” was another sweet response.

how to build kids starbucks
Ariah looks chuffed. Photo: Supplied/Renèe Leann

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