Mum bitten by snake on popular Australian beach

A Perth mother has been rushed to hospital after a 1.5-metre snake latched onto her foot at a popular metropolitan beach.

Cass, who has only been identified by her first name, told 7 News she was walking along Brighton Beach in Scarborough when the brown coloured snake sunk its teeth into her foot just after midday on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old let out an almighty scream, sending the snake fleeing into nearby bushes.

She was rushed to the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital by a friend where she received an anti-venom.

Doctors told her she was lucky she received the treatment so promptly.

Cass said she was in unbelievable pain when the snake latched onto her foot. Image: 7 News
The 29-year-old mum received anti-venom after she was rushed to hospital. Image: 7 News

While she is expected to make a full recovery, she is now warning other beachgoers to keep their eyes peeled as the weather warms up.

Just last week a North Queensland snake catcher was almost strangled to death while she tried to remove it from a tree.

“I was catching a snake the other day and things turned for the worse,” Sue Ambler said.

“When I grabbed the snake out of the tree it landed around my neck (and) before I could unwind the snake from my neck it tightened around my neck and face.

“Before long it asphyxiated me to the point I passed out and fell to the ground.”