Mum attacked 'with hammer by students' while trying to protect daughter

A pack of “out of control” high school students allegedly attacked the mother of a peer with a hammer, leaving her requiring surgery to fix her nose.

Amy Vaughn claimed about 15 students from St Clair High School in Western Sydney set on her outside her home on July 31.

Vision obtained by A Current Affair shows her arguing with some of the group before she is punched to the head. Ms Vaughn says she was also hit by a hammer. Her face was left battered and bloodied.

“I’m surprised it didn’t kill me. A hammer to the face? I don’t what some of these kids were thinking but I feel extremely lucky,” Ms Vaughn told A Current Affair.

Her 14-year-old daughter Tayla had earlier had an argument with a classmate over a boy, but she apparently didn’t even know the girl allegedly responsible for the attack on her mum.

Amy Vaughn shown after allegedly being attacked by high school students. Source: Facebook/A Current Affair

“I’m just disgusted in her doesn’t make you tough. You’re just a bully,” Ms Vaughn said.

Witnesses from the scene have reportedly denied a hammer was involved in the attack.

Police issued one student a caution under the young offenders act, while others reportedly claimed they were acting in self-defence.

Ms Vaughn said the claim was “absolute rubbish” and that students were wearing gloves when they arrived at her home with “weapons in their hands”.

She claimed to Yahoo News Australia the kids had also set on the father of her daughters with a hammer.

A bruise allegedly sustained when Tayla was punched two days prior to her mother. Source: Supplied

Tayla has not returned to school since the incident, having allegedly also been hit two days prior, sustaining a sizeable bruise to her cheek.

“The girl that did this has continued to threaten her and nothing has been done... she thinks it’s funny,” Ms Vaughn said.

“Seeing your child too afraid to leave the house or be at home alone even when she is usually always at the shops or with friends its just heartbreaking.

“To see that these kids think it’s funny too is just ridiculous.”

The concerned mother has pulled Tayla out of school, saying she had continued to receive nasty taunts online and was “terrified” to go anywhere alone.

statement from the school said it had taken “appropriate disciplinary action” against the students involved in the physical altercation.

“St Clair High School does not tolerate anti-social behaviour of this nature. The school provides a caring and supportive learning environment,” the statement read.

Ms Vaughn pictured alongside her daughter Tayla. Source: Facebook

Police said detectives from Nepean Police Area Command were continuing an investigation into “an alleged affray involving a number of teenagers, and a man and woman”.

“The 37-year-old woman was treated by NSW Ambulance paramedics for facial injuries and later underwent surgery, while the 36-year-old man was treated for bruises and abrasions to his abdomen,” a statement read.

“Following initial inquiries, a 17-year-old girl was issued a youth caution under the Young Offenders Act. Investigators have since spoken with a number of witnesses and have established the incident relates to a dispute between the teens at school.

“As investigations continue, police are appealing for anyone with information in relation to the incident – particularly those who witnessed the incident and have not yet spoken with investigators – to come forward.”

Those with information relating to the incident can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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