Mum charged after confronting her young son's bullies at school

A mum has been arrested after confronting her son’s bullies at school.

Jamie Rathburn is accused of walking into Greenbrier Elementary School, in the US state of South Carolina, on May 17 before emotionally confronting classmates of her son, who is in the third grade The Greenville News reports.

Police told the paper they became aware of the confrontation in a now-removed Facebook video uploaded by the mum. She was arrested on May 20.

According to a police report, the mum said she snuck into the school and spoke with kids who were about nine years old.

A teacher, who hasn’t been named, alleged Rathburn told the kids while she didn’t know who was responsible for the bullying “she was going to find them and their mums”.

Jamie Rathburn allegedly entered her son's school to confront students she believed were bullying him. Her son is in Year 3. Source: Fox News/ Greenville County Detention Centre

CCTV in the school allegedly shows Rathburn yelling and pointing at kids lined up in the hallway before class.

She’s also accused of yelling a profanity at a teacher.

Rathburn told Greenville News her son has been called names, been hit with a computer and pulled backwards off a slide by his throat.

She added she had spoken with the school about her concerns before she went to campus on May 17.

Greenbrier Elementary School in South Carolina. Source: Google Maps (file pic)

In a statement to Fox Carolina, Greenville County Schools said staff had taken “active steps to protect the child and remedy any inappropriate behaviour from his peers”.

It added the mum had received “regular updates” from the school about her son’s interactions with fellow students.

The district also claimed Rathburn had grown frustrated about not knowing how her son’s alleged bully was being disciplined but in sharing that information with her would be a breach of privacy.

Rathburn has been charged with disrupting a school.

She’s since offered an apology to the school, students and parents.

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