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Why mum's 'disgusting' savings hack with milk has sparked debate

A Gold Coast mum’s unusual savings tip has sparked furious debate on Facebook.

The mum wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to finding ways to make savings on groceries and other items that many people she knows are “funny” about using milk after the expiry date.

But she argues that buying milk which is close to its use by date can be a great way to save money on the weekly shop.

“This is two days over and it is still fine,” she wrote.

She added her three kids have never been sick from drinking old milk and posted a carton with a use by date of September 8, on September 10.

The mum’s post has prompted discussion as to when you should actually throw out milk.

“Sorry, I don’t even have it the day before expiry,” one woman wrote.

Another woman added: “nope, I would bin it”.

“This is what gastro and projectile vomiting is caused from,” another added.

A carton of Coles milk with a September 8 use by date.
A Gold Coast mum's offered a money saving tip: drinking milk past the use by date. Source: Facebook

Another person said: “You might throw it up because it tastes disgusting, but other than that there’s no harm in drinking it”.

However, others suggested there’s no problem with consuming milk past the use by date.

“If it passes the sniff test I drink it,” one woman wrote.

“Last week had milk that was five days past use by date and it was still good as gold.”

Another added she used milk a week past its expiry for her coffee and it “tasted delicious”.

Yahoo News Australia contacted an expert as to whether you should drink milk past the use by date.

CSIRO applied food microbiology team leader Sandra Olivier said it’s “pretty black and white”.

“If you drink milk past its use by date there’s no guarantee it’ll be safe,” Ms Olivier said.

“Don’t use a product past its use by date.”

Woman hand holding glass of milk while putting her other hand up saying stop.
Experts say you shouldn't drink milk past the use by date. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Ms Olivier added use by dates are added by companies to protect consumers as part of “risk mitigation”.

She said there’s the potential for people to become ill consuming anything past the use by.

According to Food Safety Standards Australia New Zealand, products can’t be sold after the use by date either “because they may pose a health or safety risk”.

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