Mum accidentally flashes daughter's whole class on Zoom

Marni Dixit
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A mum-of-three has admitted that after watching a bunch of embarrassing Zoom fails on social media, she finally had her own and accidentally flashed her daughter's first-grade class on Zoom after a shower.

Ashley Smith took to Facebook right after the horrifying moment occurred, telling her viewers how she had walked into her bedroom after a shower completely naked and, without realising her seven-year-old was in a Zoom meeting on her bed, walked into the background.

Ashley Smith, a mother from Florida, has revealed the moment she walked into the background of her daughter's Zoom meeting while naked. Photo: Facebook/Ashley Smith

In her caption, she wrote, "I have contemplated sharing this as it is the most embarrassing thing that has EVER happened to me. But, I think we could all use this laugh.

"Today I became a cautionary tale. Woke up, got everyone logged on to school, hammered out some work and then was going to hop in the shower before I needed to run out of the house. I was winning the day! I should have known it was too good to be true.

"Hopped in the shower. Jumped out. Threw my hair up in a towel. Leisurely sauntered across the room to grab my clothes. THEN. IT. HAPPENED."

Ashley explained that her daughter's laptop was perfectly angled on a pillow on the bed, "While I was showering, the youngest one set up her Zoom meeting on my bed. Her computer was on my pillow, camera facing the middle of the room, she was on her stomach tucked under the covers."

In the video she says she was on her way to get her clothes when she heard a voice say, "Hang on one second," which was followed by another small voice saying, "I think we need to hang up, we are going to get in trouble."

In the video, Ashley is crying with laughter as she tells the story.

"Do I write an apology note to all the parents? Or do you just pretend like it didn't happen? Or call them all liars and that they didn't really see it," she said through tears.

"How is this real life? I watch this stuff online and I'm like, 'They're lying, that didn't really happen!' Except it does! It really, really happens. And now a first grade class just got a biology lesson from me! I am dead.

"I have no clue how to handle this now! We're probably going to get kicked out of school! This is literally the most humiliating moment of my life!"

She finished her post by writing, "WEAR YOUR CLOTHES! END VIRTUAL SCHOOL!"

In a comment she added, "Also, the teacher just announced 'Boys and Girls, please don’t enter the Zoom meeting before the teachers are here!'

"She should add in. Please make sure you are positioned against a wall and that your parents are dressed."

In another post, Ashley added, "Also, for the record! It has been confirmed that no child actually saw anything! They were getting off the call bc they would be in trouble for being in before the teacher. The timing couldn’t have been more awkward."

Ashley also shared a photo of the look she now sports while her kids are on Zoom:

Ashley shared a photo of the outfit she now wears when her children are in Zoom meetings. Photo: Facebook/Ashley Smith

Another photo showed her new system for ensuring the situation never arises again:

Ashley also shared a snap of her new system that ensures she never walks through the back of her daughter's Zoom meetings. Photo: Facebook/Ashley Smith

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