Mr & Mrs Smith's Donald Glover says he and Maya Erskine became "like a married couple" during filming

donald glover and maya erskine mr and mrs smith
Mr & Mrs Smith pair became "like a married couple"Prime Video

Mr & Mrs Smith star Donald Glover has shared a sweet insight into his relationship with co-star Maya Erskine.

Glover and Erskine play husband and wife spies in the reimagined Mr & Mrs Smith series. Glover revealed the pair "became like a married couple on set" and "knew what we were going to argue about, we knew what we were going to crack up about."

"I think she hates the fact that I just think she's really funny. Her timing is really good, and we have good chemistry, and I just like being around her," Glover told Entertainment Weekly.

"We made each other laugh a lot and I just love seeing her, I love hearing her takes, I love talking about what she's going to have for lunch."

donald glover and maya erskine mr and mrs smith
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Erskine also confirmed the duo’s bond: "When we started off, we were really getting to know each other, but we were in every scene together all day, every day, and so it felt like we were living the same situation in the sense of two strangers coming together and having to build a partnership."

The new series takes its inspiration from the 2005 movie of the same name, which starred Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. However, the storyline is vastly different, revolving around two lonely strangers who sign up for a mysterious spy agency.

The pair are unaware they are entering an arranged marriage as part of their new roles and try to navigate high-risk missions as their faux relationship develops.

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"Much like the characters in the show, we were having to depend on each other right away in all of these scenes. And it felt like we got to build that trust and friendship really fast. I felt so lucky that I had him as my acting partner and friend," Erskine said about Glover.

"This is someone you've never met before, and you're going to have to perform high-risk missions every week with someone you just met. It's forced intimacy very fast," she added.

Mr & Mrs Smith is available to stream on Prime Video.

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