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Mourners and protesters reveal why they’re at Cardinal George Pell’s funeral

Yahoo News Australia spoke to people queueing up to attend the service, those tying ribbons to the fence and Sydney personality Danny Lim.

Video transcript


- Why are you here today?

- I was very keen to come to the Cardinal's funeral.

- He was a shepherd.

- And he was a holy man.

- I've come to attend the mass and pray for the repose of his soul.

And Scott, why are you here today?

- Mate, I'm a survivor. I'm actually here to pay my disrespects to George Pell.

- I am here because the church has failed the victims. And instead of honoring Pell, they should be honoring the children, the children survivors.

- I do believe in and maintain his innocence. So I understand that it's a touchy subject today. And so I hope that the proceedings today can be done peacefully.

- Mate, he hasn't been-- he hasn't even been taken to task yet.

- I'm coming here to learn something about up there or down here. And what about the Bible teachers, and even the Quran, even the Jewish thing? It's all about love. It's all about and of kindness.