Mountain Dew Just Launched an Exclusive New Flavor

But you won't find it at grocery stores.



Usually by this point in the year, we’ve heard about at least three new beers and five new canned cocktails and hard seltzers launching for summer. And while there’s been a fair share of alcoholic beverages hitting shelves, like Truly’s new Cotton Candy hard seltzer and Busch Light Peach’s nationwide debut, the soda wars are what have really been raging this month.

We’ve already seen Pepsi Peach, Pepsi Lime, Peach Coca-Cola, and red, white, and blue Mountain Dew on shelves. Now, as if three new, summer Mountain Dew flavors weren’t enough, the soda brand has decided to add one more.

Joining its Star Spangled Splash, Freedom Fusion, and Liberty Chill flavors, Mountain Dew is releasing a new limited-edition Infinite Swirl soda. However, there’s a catch with this latest drink—it’s only available at select convenience stores.

Mountain Dew Launching 7-Eleven-Exclusive Flavor

Those looking to try the new pineapple- and berry-flavored Mountain Dew will have to stop by their local 7-Eleven, Speedway, and Stripes store. The new flavor will be sold in 20-ounce bottles exclusively at those locations beginning now through the end of the year.

While the exclusive flavor will be around for all of your upcoming 2024 road trips, the summer ones are extra sweet. Starting June 26 through August 27, you can enjoy two 20-ounce bottles of Mountain Dew Infinite Swirl for just $4.

Additionally, because no trip to 7-Eleven is complete without a Slurpee—even Kirsten Chenoweth could tell you that—Mountain Dew is also taking over the Slurpee machine. Beginning June 26, the brand’s new Freedom Fusion soda will be available in Slurpee form. The Mountain Dew Freedom Fusion Slurpee is a frozen version of the white lemonade-peach soda rolling out on shelves now. While Freedom Fusion is a limited-time offering, 7-Eleven says it will be available as a Slurpee flavor through the rest of the year.

Once you’ve hit 7-Eleven for your Slurpee and Infinite Swirl pop, there’s even more Mountain Dew fun to be had at Circle K. That convenience store has its own exclusive summer flavor, Mountain Dew Purple Thunder, that you won’t want to miss.

Since we haven’t really seen a cocktail pick up as the drink of the summer, yet, could it be Mountain Dew’s year to shine? With an expectation to sell 12 million bottles of one flavor in the next six months, it just might be.

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