Motorists divided over toll road proposal

Mark Mooney, 7News Adelaide

Motorists divided over toll road proposal

South Australian motorists are divided over a controversial proposal to charge them for every kilometre they drive on major roads.

A Productivity Commission report claims around $1 billion could be saved annually if more toll roads were introduced across the country, and suggests charging motorists according to how far they drive.

It has left road users divided.

“We use the road all the time, we pay it in our taxes, I don’t see why we should have to pay anymore,” one road users told 7News.

Another said: “Similar to what they do in Melbourne and Sydney, it works well over there for them.”

The Liberals have promised more than $1 billion to upgrade the north-south corridor through Adelaide.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott wants it finished within a decade and appears open to the idea of charging motorists for future projects.

“I do support an element of user pays when it comes to road infrastructure,” Mr Abbott said.

“In the end it would be up to the state government.”

But state Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has ruled it out.

“Some states it works. It’s not going to work in South Australia,” he said.

It is one thing he and Premier Jay Weatherill agree on.

“No, we’re absolutely closed to them,” Mr Weatherill said.