Motorcyclist's terrifying near miss after car hits him from behind

A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after he was nudged into the path of a truck while trying to merge into traffic.

Bradley Simpkins was turning right at the intersection of Berington Drive and Semple Street near Perth on Wednesday afternoon when he made the decision to stop at the last second. 

Pulling in to the edge of a median strip, Mr Simpkins can be seen waiting for traffic to pass when he is suddenly struck by the unsuspecting driver behind him.

Dashcam footage shows the car running over the back of the bike, sending him flying towards the ground.

Mr Simpkins made his way out into the middle of the road before stopping at the island. Source: DashCam Owners Australia
The car rammed his back wheel, sending him flying out of control. Source: DashCam Owners Australia

At first glance, the collision doesn’t appear to be too severe, before the footage reveals Mr Simpkins is still on his bike and slowly rolling into the far lane.

With no arms on the handlebars, all he can do is lean back as far as he can as the truck swerves into the breakdown lane, narrowly missing the front wheel of the bike.

Remarkably, he was uninjured and said he even shared a joke with driver of the car after the scare – something social media users struggled to comprehend.

At first glance it appears Mr Simpkins had fallen of his bike before he suddenly reemerges, rolling into the emergency lane. Source: DashCam Owners Australia

“So lucky that wasn’t worse,” one viewer wrote.

“Should thank them lucky stars that the truck swerved away in time!”

Another stunned viewer asked “what numbers are you putting on the lotto tonight?

“Did he just matrix himself back on the bike?” another asked.

His front wheel was only inches from the truck. Source: DashCam Owners Australia

However, others were more critical of the driver for following him into the centre of the road.

“One at a time through those stops in the middle. Even if there’s room for you, you’re stopping in the line of sight of the driver before you and also blocking incoming traffic,” one man wrote.

Mr Simpkins said insurance covered all damages.