Mother of seven charged with NDIS fraud

Liz Hobday
·1-min read

A mother of seven is allegedly at the centre of a network of scammers, accused of defrauding $800,000 from disability and childcare support payments.

The 50-year-old is accused of spending NDIS payments, intended for one of her children, on buying a new house in the Melbourne suburb of Whittlesea.

It's also alleged she and another woman set up a NDIS provider business to fleece other people with disabilities.

Australian Federal Police investigators claim six NDIS clients missed out on their full support payments as a result.

It's also alleged the mother of seven ripped off the childcare support system by employing her 30-year-old romantic partner to care for her children, when he was actually working at a hair salon, while she paid a nanny to mind them.

The investigation into the alleged fraud syndicate, Operation Persei, has also led to the deregistration of three NDIS providers.

The woman appeared in court on Monday to face fraud offences along with four co-accused.

She will return to court in March 2021.