Mother felt bones being crushed in dog attack

Mother felt bones being crushed in dog attack

A mother has told of feeling her bones being crushed in the jaws of a vicious dog during an attack in Sydney.

Sarah Miller says she thought she was going to die after being ambushed by two Staffordshire bull terriers as she walked her own dog in Cronulla yesterday.

"I was down on the ground with blood just absolutely all over me," she told 7News.

She said one of the dogs circled while the other attacked her pet chihuahua.

"It just came and next thing you know it had my dog in its mouth and it was just shaking its head all over the place."

When her dog was released, it was Sarah's turn.

"The dog turned to me and just start going chomp chomp chomp - he was just dragging it - just shaking it like a toy - you know what I mean - forever and ever it felt like it was just horrible."

She was rescued by building workers who were forced to smash the dog with timber.

One of them, Greg Parks, told 7News: "She was screaming and she was in shock and finally the dog let go."

Sarah was about to collect her daughter from school and is concerned that the dogs could have attacked her as she walks their dog up the street all the time.

Sarah’s boyfriend Nigel Pybus was shocked when he saw the attacking dog: "I've never seen a dog with such a big head like this - it had a head like a crocodile."

The dog's mortified owner had the animal destroyed immediately and is taking full responsibility.

Steve Macie told 7News: "It was an innocent mistake from an adult leaving a gate open and the wind blew the gate open further and he snuck out."

He says he'll do everything he can to help Sarah recover.

Sarah is demanding the NSW State Government speed up the introduction of tough new dog laws.

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