Mother-daughter pilot duo go viral

Wendy and Kelly Rexon. Image via Twitter.

The internet can’t get enough of a mother-daughter piloting duo who went viral after a photo of them flying together was tweeted by the chancellor of an Aeronautical University. 

Just flew with this mother daughter flight crew on Delta from LAX to ATL. Awesome,” Chancellor John R. Watret wrote, “Great Flight. Inspiring for young women.”

Wendy Rexon and her daughter Kelly come from a long line of pilots, and now have the opportunity to take to the skies together.

Wendy father, Bill Brown, is a retired pilot, while her husband Michael Rexon is a pilot with American Airlines. Wendy and Michael’s other daughter, Kate, is — you guessed it — a pilot, too.

The original photo of the mother-daughter duo garnered more than 41,000 likes and 16,000 retweets in less than 72 hours.

Delta also replied to the shout-out, dubbing the photo, “Family flight crew goals.”

The photo struck a chord with social media, with many calling the female piloting duo inspirational.

“Very happy to hear different generations and all women flight decks- about time,” one Twitter user wrote.

Image via Twitter.

“This is the most amazing, wonderful news ever — serious,” Twitter user Sharon Dunn said. “My mother and I would never have flown together as a crew. We couldn’t even agree on having the radio on/off in the car.”


Image via Twitter.