Mother accidentally photobombs son’s proposal video: ‘Was trying her best’

Mother accidentally photobombs son’s proposal video: ‘Was trying her best’

A mother made a hilarious mistake while documenting her son’s proposal video.

The fiancée, Jennifer, took to TikTok to share a video of her partner’s proposal, which took place in front of a fountain at Saint Peter’s Square in Italy.

The footage began with the couple posing for the camera, with Jennifer then crossing her legs and holding onto her partner’s hand, Frank Ocean’s “Pink + White” playing in the background. Their movements initially seemed to be part of a viral travelling trend, where people film at different locations around the world, putting those clips together to make one seamless video.

As Jennifer continued to pose, her partner then bent down on one knee, clearly preparing to propose. However, the moment was quickly cut off, with the video instead showing the future groom’s mother who was filming the proposal.

When the video showed Jennifer’s future mother-in-law, she laughed and looked away from the camera. However, once she realised she was filming herself, and not the proposal, she soon looked concerned.

Jennifer quipped about the accidental photobombing in the text over the video, writing: “POV [point of view]: your [boyfriend] gives his mom the phone to record the proposal…”

In the caption, the TikTok user still expressed her gratitude for her future mother-in-law, writing: “She was trying her best!!”

As of 27 October, Jennifer’s video has more than 7.7m views, with many viewers sharing their candid reactions to the mother’s mistake, and particularly her reaction.

“I know she’s innocent, but this just made me so mad lol,” one wrote, while another added: “She had one job.”

“The gulp at the end when she realised,” a third quipped.

Others clearly felt for the mother. “Everyone’s saying [they’re] mad, I feel so bad for her…you can tell she was distressed when she realised it was on her face,” one wrote, while another added: “I FEEL SO BAD FOR HER OMG I’M ACTUALLY can tell she ain’t mean to.”

In a follow-up video, Jennifer revealed that her proposal didn’t go undocumented, as she went on to share the full clip of it. In the caption, she specified how she got the footage of the moment, despite her boyfriend’s mother’s photobomb. “Luckily his dad was recording the whole thing!” she wrote.

The Independent has contacted Jennifer for comment.

This isn’t the first proposal that’s gone viral on TikTok recently. In August, a Tennessee news anchor, Cornelia Nicholson, was brought to tears when she unintentionally introduced her co-worker and boyfriend Riley Nagel’s proposal during a live newscast.

“Coming up right now, we have the story of two journalists who just so happened to find love in the same industry. Local 3’s Riley Nagel joins us in the studio with a special report,” Nicholson said in the footage shared to TikTok. Nagel approached her and proclaimed: “That’s right, Cornelia. I have a special report for people at home who may know Cornelia and I met in the news, back in Montana.

After he complimented her bright personality and journalistic instincts, Nagel said: “I thought it would be fitting to ask you this question here, as we met in the news. Cornelia Nicholson, would you marry me?”