Most virus deaths had existing conditions

Rebecca Gredley

Nearly 70 per cent of people who died from coronavirus in Australia had pre-existing conditions such as hypertension, dementia and diabetes.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday released data looking at coronavirus deaths until the end of May, when 89 people had died.

The statistics show there were more male than female deaths, in line with international data.

However, among those aged over 85, more females died from the virus.

Most COVID-19 deaths occurred in people aged between 75 to 84.

Of the 89 deaths, 68.5 per cent already had medical conditions, with hypertension the most common.

This was followed by dementia, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer.

Most deaths also had acute respiratory symptoms, such as viral pneumonia or acute respiratory distress syndrome, listed as a consequence of the virus.

There have now been 103 deaths from coronavirus in Australia after a Victorian man in his 80s died.

It's the first virus death in Australia in a month.