What are the top cat and dog names across the UK? New study reveals most popular monikers

A cat and a dog sit in a window and look out. New data has revealed the most popular pet names. (Getty Images)
The most popular pet names in the UK have been revealed. (Getty Images)

When it comes to pet names, there are always going to be those that are more trendy than others but there are a few names that tend to crop up in the “most popular” lists year after year.

Data released by veterinary care app Joii Pet Care has found the top pet names across the UK – and it’s revealed that both male dogs and cats have the same top name.

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Milo has been crowned as the top male cat and dog name of the past year, while Bella has reigned supreme for female dog names, and the most popular female cat name is Luna.

Bella and Luna have been the top female dog and cat names respectively for the last three years in the UK, the app’s pet registration data found, and Milo has been the top male cat’s name since 2020 too.

A dog sits on the floor and a kitten bops the dog's nose. (Getty Images)
The most popular pet name for male cats and dogs is Milo. (Getty Images)

It’s only the top male dogs' name that have differed across the last three years, with the top moniker in 2020 being Alfie, while Teddy was top in 2021, and now Milo in 2022.

Other popular male dog names include Buddy, Charlie and Max, while Luna, Lola, Poppy and Daisy are also popular female dog names.

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It seems male cat owners tend to look to fictional characters for name inspiration, with Loki (The Avengers) and Simba (The Lion King) being the second and third most popular names for 2022, followed by Leo and Charlie.

A ginger cat sits on a bed. (Getty Images)
The most popular name for female cats is Luna. (Getty Images)

Female cats follow a similar trend to female dog names, with Bella, Nala, Lola and Willow being among the most popular from the past year.

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Further data found that while Luna was the most popular cat name for England and Wales, Willow and Bella were favoured for cat owners in Northern Ireland and Scotland respectively. Check out the full list of most popular pet names below...

The top pet names in the UK

Female dogs

  1. Bella

  2. Luna

  3. Lola

  4. Poppy

  5. Daisy

Male dogs

  1. Milo

  2. Teddy

  3. Buddy

  4. Alfie

  5. Max

Female cats

  1. Luna

  2. Bella

  3. Nala

  4. Lola

  5. Willow

Male cats

  1. Milo

  2. Loki

  3. Simba

  4. Leo

  5. Charlie

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