Most lucrative Etsy side-hustles revealed

Lucy Dean
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Could you turn your hobby into cash? Image: Getty

The coronavirus crisis kept billions of people around the world at home, many of whom took the time to learn a new skill.

In fact, a study from Lonergan Research found that 45 per cent of people who learnt a new skill over the course of the Australian lockdown did so for fun.

And according to new analysis by, there’s one creative skill that will net you more than the others.

It analysed creative marketplace Etsy to find which skill was the most lucrative and found that painting will net its creators’ the most.

It found that painters made an average $553 from their masterpieces on the platform.

“If your talent echoes that of Picasso’s and you’re looking to bag some extra pocket money – a paintbrush and canvas should be at the top of your Christmas list!” said.

The next most lucrative hobby was pottery, with pottery artists making $175.81 per item. Additionally, 78 per cent of those surveyed described this as one of their favourite pastimes.

Knitting can also net you $95.88 per piece on average. And while it’s not the most lucrative, it’s popular: 83 per cent of people say knitting is one of their favourite hobbies, making that the most popular hobby.


% of people enjoying this hobby







Macrame wall hangings


Jewellery making


Candle making


Cross stitching


It’s nearly the holiday season, which means time for sparkly baubles. Jewellery makers make an average $81.68 per item they sell.

Then there’s the newest trend: macrame wall hangings. Those artists make an average $74.53 from their beachy chic products.

Cross stitchers make an average $49.81 on their hobbies while candle makers earned $33.97.

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