The most common sex injuries as two in three Brits say they've had one

Carpet burns are the most common sex injuries, a new study has found. (Getty Images)
Carpet burns are the most common sex injuries, a new study has found. (Getty Images)

As being intimate with another person is, er, a physical activity of sorts, it’s not uncommon for it to result in some sort of sex injury.

In fact, new research has found that two in three (65%) of Brits say they’ve had a sex injury – and that people in Bristol and Sheffield are most prone to them.

The survey of 2,014 Brits by Lovehoney found that carpet burn is the most common sex injury, with 65% of Brits admitting to having experienced it.

This was followed by bruises (54%), a pulled muscle (39%), a UTI (23%), back injury (16%), vaginal tear (11%), haemorrhoids (5%), anal tear (5%) and a penis fracture (3%).

A further 3% said a foreign object had become stuck, with the same amount of people suffering a broken penis, and also a broken bone.

The most common sex injuries for Brits

  1. Carpet burn

  2. Bruises

  3. Pulled muscle

  4. UTI

  5. Back injury

  6. Vaginal tear

  7. Haemorrhoids

  8. Anal tear

  9. Penis fracture

  10. A stuck foreign object

  11. Broken penis

  12. Broken bone

To help reduce the risk of carpet burn the next time you find yourself getting busy on the ground, sex and relationships expert at The Sex Consultant, Ness Cooper suggests using a soft blanket beneath you.

"When regularly having sex on carpets, keeping areas covered that are prone to carpet burn is important," she explained. "If you do get carpet burn, making sure that you clean the area afterwards to avoid infection is essential. Nappy rash creams or similar products may also help protect an area injured by carpet burn."

The skyline of Sheffield city centre seen from South Street Park above the city's main rail station, South Yorkshire, England UK
Sheffield tied with Bristol in having the most sex injuries in the UK. (Getty Images)

Lovehoney’s research pinpointed Sheffield and Bristol as the top spots in the UK for sex injuries, followed by Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, and Cardiff.

British cities most prone to sex injuries

  1. Sheffield and Bristol

  2. Manchester

  3. Birmingham

  4. Newcastle

  5. Cardiff

  6. Southampton

  7. Liverpool

  8. Glasgow

  9. London

  10. Belfast

The study also determined that the most dangerous sex position, or the one you were mostly likely to get hurt doing, was doggy style, followed by missionary, and cowgirl.

"Adding a pillow under your wrists and hands can help avoid wrist injuries, particularly those caused by hyperextension," Cooper said.

"Sex position straps can reduce uncontrolled movements that may lead to injuries, particularly during rougher doggy style sex."

It’s not just bodies being tossed around during sex either, as 57% of respondents said they’d broken a bed frame, while 33% had ripped a shower curtain and 34% had broken a chair.

Sex injuries were also most commonly found to happen in the bedroom, followed by sofas, and stairs.

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