Mosley 'nearly made it' and 'Macron trounced' at EU elections

The Metro headline reads: “Heartbreak as TV doc’s body found”
The Metro is one of many papers to lead with the “heartbreak” discovery of Michael Mosely’s body, after the TV presenter had gone missing while on holiday in Greece. The paper reports his wife Claire paid tribute to her “wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband”. [BBC]
The Daily Mirror headline reads: “He so very nearly made it”
"He so very nearly made it" is the Daily Mirror's headline, reporting that Mr Mosley's body was discovered near a bar on the Greek island of Symi. The paper reports authorities think the 67-year-old may have fallen or collapsed in the 40C heat. [BBC]
The Daily Mail headline reads: “My brilliant husband Michael so very nearly made it”
The Daily Mail also notes that Mr Mosley came “tantalisingly close” to reaching safety, after his body was found just 80 yards (73m) from a beach resort. It also highlights Claire Bailey Mosley saying she was “taking comfort” in that her “brilliant” husband “so very nearly made it”. [BBC]
The Daily Express headline reads: “Heartbroken wife of TV doctor: He so nearly made it”
The Daily Express features a picture of the couple together, highlighting that Mrs Bailey Mosley said her husband had completed an “incredible climb, took the wrong route and collapsed" in a place where the search team could not see him. [BBC]
The Guardian headline reads: “Macron calls snap election after surge of far right”
The Daily Telegraph headline reads: "Macron trounced in Right-wing EU surge”
The Times headline reads: “Tories must embrace Farage, says Braverman”
Suella Braverman has called for the Conservative Party to embrace Nigel Farage, according to the Times. The former home secretary has issued a call to “unite the right” and argued there was “not much difference” between Reform UK and Tory policy. [BBC]
The I headline reads: “Labour yet to convince voters on key policy areas, poll shows”
The Labour Party is struggling to convince voters on important policy areas, such as crime, immigration, public services and the economy, according to a survey commissioned by the i. It also reports the “outlook for the Tories is worse” in the same survey. [BBC]
The FT headline reads: “Labour throws out proposal to bring back lifetime cap on tax-free pensions”
The Daily Star headline reads: “Mystic Veg: Bet England to Win”
A "world famous asparamancer" has used her "mystic veg" to predict England will win the upcoming Euros. The way the asparagus tips fell correctly predicted the outcome of the Brexit vote, it says, telling fans: "Spear we go!" [BBC]

Pictures of Dr Michael Mosley appear on almost all the front pages.

The Daily Mail shows him with his arm round his wife, Clare, who pays tribute to her "wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband'.

The Daily Mirror says he put his own body and its ailments on the line to make great television. The Guardian says the presenter "made complex ideas look breezily simple". While The Sun calls him a "health champ of the masses", whose diet plans "changed the approach to weight loss".

Former home secretary Suella Braverman has told The Times the "Tories must embrace Farage". She tells the paper it's time to "unite the right", and says there's "not much difference" between Nigel Farage's policies and those of her own party. The Daily Telegraph's columnist Kamal Ahmed takes a very different view. He says the Tories can't afford to turn "Faragiste", as "elections are won from the centre".

The "i" says it's spoken to Conservative insiders who say fears of a post-election takeover by Mr Farage are mounting. The paper's main story is a poll by BMG Research, which suggests both Labour and the Tories are yet to convince voters they have the answers to the challenges facing the UK. The poll -- which was a representative sample of more than 1,500 adults -- also suggests voters think Labour will win, but doubt life will improve.

The Financial Times says Labour has thrown out plans to bring back a lifetime cap on the amount savers could have in their pensions before paying tax. The paper says the party is looking to "de-risk" its election campaign, by avoiding tax-raising policies that could be attacked by the Tories. It quotes allies of the shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, as saying there "will be no black hole" as a result of the change.

And the Daily Mirror says the environmentalist and broadcaster Chris Packham has called on Taylor Swift fans to protest against her use of private jets.

Mr Packham tells the paper the pop star has "enormous power" and is "speaking to an audience which will have significant problems in their lives due to climate breakdown". Ms Swift's publicist says she has bought "double the amount" of carbon offsets needed to compensate her travel during her current Eras Tour.

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