Moscow recruits ‘construction brigades’ from Russian students, Ukraine says

Mobilization in Russia
Mobilization in Russia

Russian “authorities” in occupied Ukrainian territories are setting up so-called “construction brigades,” to be staffed by college students, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC) reported on Jan. 29. 

“In [Russia’s] Kursk, Bryansk, and Belgorod oblasts, students are planned to be recruited to form ‘construction brigades’ to be sent to the temporarily occupied [Ukrainian] territories,” the message reads.

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The NRC added that Russia’s "People's Front" movement is responsible for the recruitment campaign. The Kremlin plans to use these units as laborers for clearing rubble, distributing "humanitarian" aid, and building fortifications, the report says.

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Russian universities are reportedly expected to meet a certain “quota” of students they dispatch to do the work.

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“Note that the Russian authorities do not provide legal protection to these laborers, and they will be deprived of social benefits in the future,” the NRC said.

“However, their work for the Russian Military makes them a legitimate target for the [Ukrainian] resistance movement.”

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