MORNING UPDATE: The stories making headlines on Monday, July 31

Catch up on what's making news this Monday morning.

'PLANE TERROR' Four men behind an alleged terror plot to bring down an international flight leaving Sydney may have planned to do so using poisonous gas. READ MORE

'I SHUT IT OUT' Princes William and Harry speak of Diana's tragic death for the first time. READ MORE

AIRPORT ARREST: Michelle Leslie, the Australian model who was jailed in Bali in 2005 for possessing ecstasy, has now been detained in America while travelling with boyfriend Daniel Johns. READ MORE

'TABLES FLYING' Flat breads went flying and chairs were used as shields during an out of control food fight in Sydney on the weekend. READ MORE

'OUT OF NOWHERE' An airport worker has been photographed appearing to swing a punch at a passenger holding a baby, after he complained about a 13-hour delay while waiting for a European flight. READ MORE