More wet weather and flooding on way: BOM

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Further rain and flooding are forecast for parts of eastern Australia in coming months, with a third successive La Nina weather pattern also likely later this year.

The Bureau of Meteorology's outlook for August to October has forecast above average rainfall from Queensland down to the south coast of NSW, with parts of the Northern Territory also slated to get above-average falls in that time.

The predictions come off the back of several large flooding events along the eastern seaboard in 2022.

The bureau has warned the increased moisture in soils from previous deluges, along with water levels in dams and other catchment areas, made it easier for future flooding events to take place.

Coastal communities of NSW along with parts of Queensland are set to have an elevated flood risk in coming months.

The bureau said it was likely for La Nina to return during the second half of 2022, with there being a 50 per cent chance of it occurring.

Current forecasts have shown it will be twice as likely for another La Nina weather pattern to develop later this year.

However, the bureau said it would not be able to declare the weather pattern until at least October or November, with it still being too early to determine whether one will form.

Should the pattern be declared, it would be the third successive La Nina weather event.

Since records started in 1900, back-to-back-to-back La Ninas have only occurred three times.

The La Nina pattern contributed to the wetter-than average summer recorded in 2021-22, along with the devastating floods in Queensland and NSW in March this year.

The bureau has also warned the Top End will likely experience above-normal potential for bushfires.

However, tropical parts of the country are expected to have an earlier start than normal to the wet season.

An earlier wet season also means an earlier start to tropical cyclone seasons in parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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