More rain falls in SA flooded towns

Helen Velissaris

It will be an anxious night for many residents along flooded areas of Adelaide's outskirts as more rain hits the area.

By 8pm on Sunday, around 2mm of rain had fallen in already soaked areas around the Gawler River catchment.

Showers are predicted to continue, with around 100mm of rain expected to fall over the Mount Lofty Ranges and Adelaide Hills by Tuesday afternoon.

Water levels at the Gawler River were starting to recede on Sunday, but renewed rainfall has emergency services on alert.

Crews have been stationed at Gawler and Virginia, north of Adelaide, monitoring the situation and helping residents prepare.

"There is a chance that the Gawler River will break out and impact on homes," SA State Emergency Service chief officer Chris Beattie said on Sunday.

"We're working with those residents so that they have sandbags on hand and that they've prepared their property if that should occur."

The river had already broken its banks in a number of areas by Sunday morning and some residents had been evacuated from the area.

The level of damage to houses in the area would take some time to work out, an SES spokeswoman told AAP on Sunday.

There have been numerous rescues over the weekend with people trapped in floodwaters.

Three people were thrown out of their rubber dinghy in fast-moving waters in Flinders Park on Saturday.

Four flood rescues involving cars also occurred as drivers attempted to drive through flooded roads, the SES said.

Mr Beattie called the actions "misadventerous" and "foolhardy".

The SES has warned people to be vigilant when returning to flooded homes, with contaminants including sewage likely to be in the water.

They have advised residents to ensure they call a licensed electrician to check the full electrical works of their property if water levels had risen above the floorboards.

Relief is in sight from Tuesday evening, with sunny and warm conditions expected later on in the week.

"We will return to much finer weather, warming up quite nicely through Thursday and Friday and a chance for people to recover," a spokesman for the Bureau of Meteorology said.

Days of widespread flooding and wild weather saw the entire state lose electricity last week.

An extra 60,000 sandbags were flown into SA to protect property and additional personnel are being provided by WA, Victoria and the Australian Defence Force.