Homes on flood watch as Vic river peaks

Helen Velissaris and Kaitlyn Offer

A number of homes in Victoria's flood-affected northwest are on alert as floodwaters inch closer.

Four homes in between Horsham and Quangton could be impacted as the Wimmera River continues to rise.

The river near the Quantong Bridge is above major flood levels, sitting at 6.58 metres by 3.30pm and rising.

It's expected to peak late on Monday night.

SES crews have been notifying residents in the affected area but over-floor flooding isn't expected.

"It will be more that they will be cut off and have paddocks and things go underwater," SES spokeswoman Jacque Quaine told AAP.

Residents further downstream in Dimboola along the Wimmera River were also doorknocked on Monday.

Horsham incident controller Stephen Warren said some of the floodwater had been transferred to lakes in the Horsham region.

"That means for the summer some recreation facilities will have some water in them, so that's one good thing," he told AAP.

Also in the western region, the Avoca River still remains on major flood watch but continues to drop in Charlton where it peaked at 7.55m on Saturday afternoon.

It had receded to 3.6m on Monday afternoon.

Authorities are now bracing for more rain from Tuesday.

A rainband will start moving across the northwest of Victoria from Tuesday with rain picking up from the afternoon.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting about 15mm-30mm of rain, with the potential for localised heavier falls.

There have been 21 people rescued from floodwaters across the state and a man has died in the past 10 days.

Severe structural damage from landslides and heavy rain also closed sections of the Great Ocean Road.

The tourist route is open to all traffic from Moggs Creek to Lorne, closed from Lorne to Wye River, and open but with restrictions on heavy buses and trucks from Wye River to Skenes Creek.