More data problems hit Telstra mobile customers

Telstra's horror run is continuing with the company now facing an influx of complaints on social media about problems with its data services.

Social media users have begun inundating Telstra's official Twitter account with complaints about problems with internet browsing.

The company says it has received a number of reports from customers who are having difficulty browsing international websites.

It has used Twitter to reassure customers that its technicians are working on solving a problem which appears to be striking some NSW customers.

It comes just days after the company was again forced to offer customers free data for a day to make up for another nationwide outage.

At least half of the Telstra network went down just after 6pm AEDST on Friday, affecting emergency phone networks, train services and some calls to Triple Zero as well as normal phone and internet usage for customers in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

The outage sparked an apology from CEO Andy Penn to try to placate millions of angry customers.

Friday's outage was the second major failing for the company in recent months.

In February another major outage was blamed on human error and led to the first day of free data.

Telstra apologised to customers for any inconvenience.