More police, speed cameras and barriers in the works for Highway 50

The Quebec government is rolling out a series of safety-related changes along Highway 50, starting with more police and possibly leading to better safety barriers.

In a Friday news release, Transport Minister Geneviève Guilbault said the changes will start in the coming weeks with more police surveillance and an awareness campaign to remind drivers not to speed, take risks or drive while extremely tired.

Mobile speed radar could be set up by the end of this year, she said.

Finally, the province said it's going to analyze 87 kilometres of highway between L'Ange Gardien and Mirabel, where the highway ends, to see where it could install safety barriers along the median.

The barriers could be cables, steel or concrete and the work to install them could start in autumn 2025, according to the province.

Pressure to make more changes on the highway connecting Gatineau and the Montreal area increased this year after multiple fatal collisions. Municipal leaders met with the province in the spring to push for improvements.

There have already been changes made closer to Gatineau, including cable barriers, after similar advocacy. The province also said in 2022 it would be widening Highway 50 in stages over the next decade.