More funds for National Redress Scheme

An extra $15 million will be pumped into the National Redress Scheme for victim-survivours of institutional child sexual abuse to help process a huge rise in applications.

Demands on the scheme have soared this year, which the federal government has linked to more confidence in its functions and a higher number of institutions signing up.

In the three years to March 2022, the scheme was receiving an average of 307 applications a month.

But in the seven months following March, there has been a spike to an average of 776 applications a month.

The extra $15 million will fund more staff to process claims, make related decisions and cover operational costs.

"No one should have to wait any longer than necessary to gain both emotional and practical support - and importantly - full resolution of a claim," Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth said on Wednesday.

"Victim-survivors have already suffered enough."

More than 20,000 applications have been made to the scheme since it was launched in 2018, resulting in more than 11,000 outcomes.

More than 600 institutions have now signed up.