More drug than drunk drivers in NSW

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More NSW drivers are now caught behind the wheel on drugs rather than affected by alcohol, with roadside tests in some areas revealing one in every ten is high.

Recent data has shown a spike in the number of motorists caught by random drug tests conducted by NSW Police, Labor's Walt Secord said during questions at a budget estimates hearing on Wednesday.

The number of drug drivers caught surpassed the number of drink drivers detected by random breath tests, he added.

"It is quite startling to think there are more drug drivers than drunk drivers," Police Commissioner Karen Webb said.

"And some of the return rates are much higher than RBT rates.

"In some areas it's one positive out of every 10 (tests)."

Ms Webb said random breath tests for alcohol had a one in 250 return rate.

She said other discussions were taking place around what was considered "impaired", and RDT only tests for illicit drugs including ecstasy, cocaine, cannabis and methamphetamine.

"RDT only tests for the four illicit drug types, not for all drug types, because then you would need an opinion on every single test," Ms Webb said.

"Certainly for the four illicit drugs that we test for on RDT, random drug testing, it is concerning."

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