More charges likely for 'Irish Boy'

By Ed Jackson

More fraud charges could be laid against a member of an alleged call centre investment scam claimed to have fleeced more than $4 million from 150-plus victims.

Irish national Neil John McKenny, 34, is one of six people who have been charged with aggravated fraud after an investigation by Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission into their so-called "boiler room" operation.

The group, dubbed "The Irish Boys", is accused of running a sophisticated syndicate selling fraudulent computer software over an 18-month period.

McKenny was granted bail on Tuesday at Southport Magistrates Court but only if he can raise $250,000 surety and meet strict conditions.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mike Campbell opposed bail, saying further charges were likely against the Irishman.

Sgt Campbell told the court McKenny is believed to have run an offshoot company from 2011-14 within the scam which took in a further $18 million dollars.

He did concede however, at this stage, there is no evidence to provide the court which can substantiate these allegations.

Defence lawyer Jason Jacobson told the court without further charges there was no reason to deny his client bail, especially as some of the co-accused had been granted bail last week.

"Despite the passage of a week there is still only one charge against my client," Mr Jacobson told the court.

Magistrate Catherine Pirie agreed but imposed strict conditions on McKenny's bail including the hefty surety, the surrender of his passport, no contact to be made with his co-accused or the complainants as well as a ban on coming within 300m of any departure point at an international airport.

McKenny is due to return to court on September 15.

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