More than 40 dead in Congo mine collapse

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More than 40 people have died after a diamond mine collapsed in the Kasai region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, authorities say.

Landslides occurred late on Tuesday evening in the mine, around 30km from the city of Tshikapa in the southwest of Congo. At first, only 10 people were assumed dead.

Only six of the victims have been recovered, Alain Ntumba, the minister for the interior and for security of the Kasai province, told dpa.

The other victims are still buried in the rubble. They were "manual diamond diggers," who worked in subterranean wells.

The landslide affected over 40 of such wells, which go between 15 and 18 metres deep. Heavy rains may have contributed to the collapse of the wells.

Workers in this mine and other diamond mines often labour without protective gear. Every month, there are reports of deaths through landslides, collapsed wells, or other accidents.

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