Men wrestle across lanes in Queensland road rage fight caught on camera

Melissa Buttigieg
News Reporter

Social media users have mocked a road raging pair caught on camera wrestling across multiple lanes at Queensland’s Moreton Bay.

The clip, which was shared to the Dash Cam Owners Australia Facebook page on Sunday, showed two men in fisticuffs while stopping traffic along a Morayfield road.

A woman was seen exiting the passenger’s side of a Mazda to have a word to the pair, who ended up in a scuffle on the nature strip, on the corner of Oakey Flat Road and Nairn Road.

A road raging pair were caught on dashcam wrestling across multiple lanes in Queensland’s Morayfield Sunday morning. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia / Facebook

It didn’t appear to help the situation, so a thong-wearing bystander marched over to talk some sense into the men, before the clip cut out.

The comments in the Facebook thread teased those involved for a “Bit of Mazda on Mazda crime” and mocked the town’s “typical bogan” culture.

“Stay CLASSY MORAYFIELD!” one commented.

“Seems like a normal day, no f***s given by anyone,” another wrote.

One woman wrote that she witnessed the fight, which she joked was over the last set of LED lights for the Mazda’s interior at nearby Supercheap Auto.

A bystander marched over to talk some sense into the road raging men, while a woman tried to intervene. Source: Dash Cam Owners Australia / Facebook

“Ole mate in thongs ended up grabbing both by the Scruffs & made them kiss and make up over maccas (sic) soft serves,” she wrote.

The story appeared too good to be true, so Yahoo News Australia tracked down the alleged “bystander” who confessed she made up the story in good fun.

Queensland Police could not confirm to Yahoo News Australia that officers attended the incident, which happened just before 10am Sunday.

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