WATCH: Man's pathetic attempt at deliberate crash for insurance payout

A moped rider’s pathetic attempt to fake an accident has backfired spectacularly thanks to the wonders of the dashcam.

A female driver can be seen making her way down a quiet British street when the moped driver emerges suddenly from behind a parked car.

Pushing his scooter onto the middle of the road, the man in the black hoodie comes to a sudden halt before backing into the unsuspecting driver.

The rider then made sure of the damage when he hurled his body onto the windscreen in an obvious and ham-fisted pratfall.

Step one: Stop in the middle of the road. Source: Facebook
Step two: Back up. Source: Facebook
Step three: Throw yourself back as dramatically as possible. Source: Facebook

Screaming “what the hell” again and again, the woman emerges from her car to confront the man when his accomplice emerges, claiming to be a witness to the whole scene.

As the moped rider clutched at his back, wailing on the road, the driver can be seen gesturing towards her car.

"I've got a camera. Do you understand you are on video, you complete idiot,” she tells the rider.

The seemingly injured man clutched at his back as the driver emerged on screen. Source: Facebook
The woman told the ‘complete idiot’ she had filmed the whole performance. Source: Facebook
Actually the back is feeling a lot better, I'm off. Source: Facebook

The witness quickly reaches for his hood in an attempt to cover his face, while his “injured” mate makes a miraculous recovery.

Footage shows the pair sprinting away in separate directions as the bewildered driver calls the police.

The rider then beckons his witness to follow him as they flee the scene together.