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Is Montgomery 'an inspired move' or 'a risk'?

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Your views graphic

Nick Montgomery is in, and we asked you for your views following his arrival.

You gave it a right good go. Let's hear what you had to say...

Disco: Like most of us, I've got a 'mate Down Under' who knows the Scottish game very well and follows Western Sydney. He says we've absolutely won a watch with Montgomery and his short, but impressive, list of accomplishments - winning with an attacking style, developing youth and getting Jason Cummings to behave for five minutes and score goals - have won me over.

Mark: Montgomery could turn out to be a good manager for us, but my main feeling is, why take the risk? There are four or five managers in the Scottish Premiership doing good jobs at clubs with smaller budgets than Hibs. We have taken several risks over the last few years that haven't come off, so why do it again?

Fergis: I think he is a fantastic appointment, we need some stability in the club with multiple managers over the last few years, I like his thinking about the importance of the academy, he is also coming here off the back of a successful year in Australia.

Jim: Another unknown manager who was possibly cheap but fingers crossed.

John: Montgomery looks like a great appointment. No new manager is guaranteed success, but it's brilliant to see Hibs thinking big and looking to bring in someone who is a dynamic, successful manager on the way up, rather than one of the usual shape to always be touted by the Scottish media.

Raymond: Montgomery just needs to work on the squad at his disposal and get them playing as a team, not 11 individuals that we've been watching for a good few months, that will give him time until January and by then he will know what players he needs to bring in.

Tim: The Hibs management have acted with insight and vision to bring in Montgomery. We need new energy and ideas at a price we can afford and reaching out in this way was an inspired move.